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Architectural Acoustic Design

Lawrence P. Swist Designs is a full service architectural acoustical design firm specializing in environmental solutions for recording studios, mastering houses, production suites and post-production facilities. Our services provide the following:

1) Concept Models

As the first step in the design process after studying the facility requirements, we create a concept model with sufficient detail to evaluate the design, the space utilization and to commence feasibility and construction cost analysis.

2) Construction Documents

Upon approval of the concept design, we can provide complete sets of construction drawings and specifications. These documents include all acoustical and structural engineering along with all finishing details. We can also provide complete mechanical specifications though our affiliated engineering firms

3) Construction Supervision

We will meet with all selected contractors and trades prior to construction to insure that all plans and specifications are fully understood. We are also available to resolve any field issues as they may arise during construction by scheduling periodic site visits.

4) Rendered Illustrations and Animations

We can provide enhanced visual presentations by creating rendered graphics and/or animated walk throughs.

Acoustic Consulting

Lawrence P. Swist Designs is an acoustical consulting firm providing design solutions for sound isolation and acoustical systems.

Our clients include:

1) Architectural firms seeking specific acoustical design solutions for their clients

2) Private individuals seeking advice on particular sound isolation or acoustical issues

3) Companies seeking solutions for existing isolation and acoustical issues

Facility Layout & Design

Lawrence P. Swist Designs provides additional services for full facility design including non-technical areas such as administration, reception, utility and client service areas.


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